Renewables for Development - RforD -
Renewable Energy for Developing Countries


Production Site Development Program

Build up a very large number of RE production sites in poor rural areas of developing countries
In order to deliver a powerful tool for development to the rural poor while efficiently fighting climate change, RforD in the role of a facilitator manages the preparation, financing and implementation of a very large number of decentralized RE production sites in remote areas of the developing world.

Project financing shall come from all available commercial and non-commercial sources. RforD Projects are financially and institutionally sustainable due to commercialisation of RE production sites under local ownership of rural communities that have been previously empowered by RforD country teams. Mechanisms for project replication and site multiplication are integrated at different stages of the projects. To carry out the largest possible number of RE projects simultaneously, all stakeholders on national and grassroots level have to be involved, including public authorities, national experts and especially NGOs active in RE or development.This RforD model for rural RE electrification has already won support from the prestigious UNF foundation in early 2001.
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