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RET Supply Development Program

Manage the capacity building of developing country’s industries to produce appropriate RE equipment and services at a reasonable price for national large-scale RE electrification programs.
So far, there is neither a significant production of appropriate RE equipment nor a functioning network for machinery spare parts and maintenance in developing countries. Thus, developing countries depend on costly foreign imports of equipment and know-how, a formidable barrier to RE deployment.
As a remedy, RforD will establish a simplified local RE equipment manufacturing industry to supply a large number of small, technically simple and reliable RE production units (i.e. wind and SHP turbines, PV cells, biogas equipment) at an affordable price for the local or regional market, thus creating a productive infrastructure built up through technology transfer.
The EU RET industry in cooperation with its Chinese partners provides the technological know-how, supplies production plants, as well as production engineering while benefiting from royalty revenues. The required engineering skills are to be transferred to locals by Chinese experts if not locally available.
The Production Site Development Program and the RE Commercialisation Program can only be conducted on a large scale if completed by the RET Supply Development Program , while the first two programs create the demand that is to be served by the third one.

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